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Phase 1 Cavite Export Zone Rosario


TESDA Provincial Training Center Cavite – Rosario, is one of the 123 training center of TESDA in providing world-class technical education and skills development in the country.     

            The establishment of the TESDA Provincial Training Center – Rosario located in the Cavite Economic Processing Zone (CEPZ) in Rosario, Cavite presently headed by Mr. Rizal S. Bautista, Training Center Administrator came from the idea of former District II Representative of Cavite, Congressman Renato P. Dragon, due to the increasing demand of skilled workers and with fast growing numbers of industries in the province. It was his desire to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of living in Cavite by providing better opportunities and options for employment. With his goals and objectives for the province, he asked the assistance of the Director General of National Manpower and Youth Council (NMYC), Dir. Jose D. Lacson in establishing the training center. Various consultations was conducted and as a result, a memorandum of agreement was signed on January 12, 1995 which states the partnership of Congressman Dragon and NMYC in establishing a training center in CEPZ Rosario, Cavite.

After the MOA signing, negotiation with CEPZ has been made together with the then Regional Director on NMYC IV, Dir. Agripina P. Zafra for the allotment of the lot inside the CEPZ where the training center will be constructed. A Deed of Usufruct was signed between the Economic Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) represented by Mr. Tagumpay Jardiniano, the CEPZ Administrator and TESDA representative by Dir. Agripina P. Zafra for a portion of a lot measuring 1,000 square meters for a 25- year period. 

          The construction of the training center started in October 1995 and was finished the following year. With its completion in 1996, the center was operated and managed by Rurban Progress Development Foundation (RPDF), an NGO chaired by Congressman Dragon. The RPDF operates the center and offered courses in Sewer Garments and Consumer Electronics Mechanic until 1997. Before the beginning of 1998, RPDF asked the assistance of TESDA (formerly NMYC) to offer courses in Electricity and Electronics while they operate the Sewer Garments course. This arrangement lasted until 1999. In 2000, RPDF turned over the management and the operation of the training center to TESDA. Since then, TESDA operate and manage the training center while RPDF assist in the recruitment and referral for employment of graduates and the operation of the Sewer Garments course.  

TESDA Director General


PTC Rosario Vision Mission 


TESDA PTC Rosario as an accessible Provincial Training Center located at the heart of the Cavite Economic Zone equipped with modern and well maintained facilities providing quality in TVET in the province of Cavite with an atmosphere conducive to learning. 


TESDA PTC Rosario takes responsibility for the provision of relevant, accessible, high quality technical vocational education and training supportive to the needs of the enterprise and responsive to the national development goals and priorities.


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